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The Story of Froot Loops®

Learn how Toucan Sam® brought delicious flavor, irresistible smells and endless amounts of color to the world of cereal.

Toucan Sam Flying Boy holding red Froot Loops

Did you know there was actually a time when cereal was boring and lacked color? Well, that all changed the day Toucan Sam® had the intuition to follow his nose. And much like the rings on his beak, this dazzling bird stumbled upon a world full of color and fruity deliciousness. Which is where the story of Froot Loops® begins - a one-of-a-kind cereal that’s bursting with flavor and packs a delicious crunch with a unique and irresistible smell.

Ever since, Toucan Sam® has encouraged kids of all ages to embrace their true feathers and explore the more colorful side of life - just like that in an irresistibly delicious bowl of Froot Loops®. So what are you waiting for? Follow your nose® with Toucan Sam® to the Froot Loops® World, and let the fun begin!